Preparing Your Pittsburgh Home For Fall


Home maintenance may not be the ideal way to spend your weekend, but preparing your home for fall will prevent you from tackling projects in an emergency.

Properly maintaining your home is essential. Unfortunately, many items on a home inspection report are usually caused by deferred maintenance. After making the repairs, a homeowner frequently remarks that they wish they would have made the correction sooner to enjoy the repairs.

Some items to add to your “To Do” list are:

  1. Clean your gutters after the leaves are finished falling. Leaves, sticks, and debris can lead to blockages in your gutter. The jams can cause potential water damage both inside and outside your home by preventing the water from diverting away from your house. 

  2. Check your roof for any missing or damaged shingles and have appropriate repairs completed. Also, check the flashing to be sure it is not loose or requires repairs. Clear any debris from your roof as well. 

  3. Your attic will also affect the longevity of your roof. Check for proper insulation and ventilation.

  4. Be sure to winterize outside faucets and irrigation systems. 

  5. Check your sidewalks for tripping hazards and where water can pool, causing dangerous ice. Stock supplies like shovels and ice melt to keep your sidewalks clear after a snowfall.

  6. Proper care of your outdoor furniture will extend its useable life. If you can, store furniture in a covered area. If not, cover them with tarps and check throughout the winter that they stay secure.

  7. Your exterior plants and landscaping may need some preparation for the upcoming colder months. First, remove any annual plants at the end of their life. Prune shrubs and bushes. If necessary, do a final lawn cutting before you store your lawnmower for the season.

  8. Planting spring bulbs before the ground freezes will give you something to look forward to in a few months as you look for signs of spring.

  9. Leaf raking can seem like a never-ending task. However, it is vital to do a final clean-up after the leaves have fallen. When leaves coat sidewalks and driveways, they can become hazardous and attract insects and other unwanted critters.

  10. Check your exterior light fixtures to be sure they are clean and bulbs are not burnt out. You may want to consider replacing your bulbs with more energy-efficient types. Double-check that they are illuminating the proper areas and adjust if needed. 

Projects that may need to be addressed that could affect the inside and the outside of your home include:

  1. Sealing openings where air penetrates can cause uncomfortable drafts. Windows are a common area that must be checked inside and out. Also, pay attention to where plumbing and wiring enter your home. Inside it is prudent to check areas where water is used. Concentrate on areas where the tub/shower meets the surround, where sinks meet counters, and where the counter and backsplash meet. You should also check all door and window weatherstripping to be sure it is in good condition.

  2. The fireplace must be maintained regularly. Chimney maintenance may be required if you have a wood-burning fireplace or a gas fireplace vented through your chimney. A chimney sweep should check the chimney if a wood-burning fireplace or gas fireplace is vented through your chimney. Be sure the chimney has a cap to prevent debris and critters from entering. Hire a chimney sweep to clean your chimney. Gas fireplaces need to be cleaned and checked periodically.

  3. Storage spaces can become a dumping ground for the items we're unsure about. So before storing your summer items, take some time to clean the storage spaces. Clear out the area and determine if you can donate or trash any items.

Once your “To Do” list is complete, you can return to enjoying your weekends with the reassurance that you are prepared for the season ahead. 

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