What Can Prevent Me From Closing On My New Pittsburgh Home?

You found your new Pittsburgh home and are full of excitement! You imagine your life in your new home. However, there are a few more steps in the buying process to complete before the house is yours. 

Now that your offer has been accepted, there are a few more hurdles to jump before you can call this house your home. 

As you go through the closing process, a few things can still cause the deal to fall through on your new Pittsburgh home. 

Here are just a few things that might slow or stop your purchase:

House Defects

Make sure that you have a home inspection contingency as part of your purchase offer. If the inspection reveals significant issues, you can terminate your contract without any penalties. If you don’t want to back out, you’ll have to negotiate the cost of the repairs with the seller. 

Wood Boring Insects 

Your lender may require a pest inspection to make sure termites or carpenter ants haven’t seriously damaged the home. Even if your particular lender doesn’t require an inspection, you should have this done as part of your inspections. If the pest inspection shows a severe problem, you can ask the seller to pay to have the problem fixed or walk away if your purchase agreement allows it. A pest inspection is worth the cost of less than $100. 


Whether you are financing your purchase or paying cash, an appraisal of the home will help ensure you pay a fair market price. The appraiser will compare recently sold homes in the area to establish this reasonable market price. When the appraised value comes in lower than the price of your sales agreement, you may need to renegotiate. If you obtain a mortgage, the lender won’t approve the loan if the appraisal does not equal or exceed the agreed-upon sale price.

Title Defects 

The title/closing company will do the title search during the closing process. The search makes sure that there aren’t any liens or claims against the property. The title company can resolve most issues before the closing. You will also want to purchase title insurance to protect you from any problems that the title searcher may have missed on the original title search. 

Uninsurable Home

Sometimes, the previous homeowner will have made a significant insurance claim, which shows up on the insurance records. In this case, insurance companies may claim the house to be uninsurable, which means you won’t get a loan for the home.

Many issues that arise during the closing process of a new Pittsburgh home purchase are fixable. Your real estate agent, lender, and title company will be able to help you resolve any issues.

Before you start searching for your new Pittsburgh home, familiarize yourself with the closing process. Prepare yourself for any problems that may arise. The better prepared you are for any possible issues, the better your chances of moving into the home of your dreams.

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